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2013 Pinnacle is a baseball card set produced and distributed by Panini in 2013. As part of the purchase of Donruss, Panini owns the rights to some of the Pinnacle Brands from the 1990's. In addition to Pinnacle, Panini also released a Select set as well.


Base Set[]

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Parallel Sets[]

Insert Sets[]

Insert sets that had been particularly popular during the 1990's from the Pinnacle sets were selected by updates and included in this set as well as a couple new ones.



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Awaiting The Call[]

Behind The Numbers[]

Clear Vision[]

Essence of the Game[]

Looking Back[]

Pinnacle of Success[]

Position Powers[]

Rookie Autographs[]


One of the most popular insert sets of 1996 was the 1996 Pinnacle Skylines set, which was seen again in 2000 Skybox but was much less popular. This 8-card set looks more like the design from the 2000 Skybox set rather than the 1996 Pinnacle set.


Swing For The Fences[]

Team 2020[]

Team Pinnacle[]

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The Hit King[]

The Naturals[]

Z Team[]