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2013 Topps Archives was distributed in both hobby and retail outlets.

Base Set[]

Parallel Sets[]

The base set is paralleled by three different sets. The Day Glow parallels are not serial numbered. The Gold parallels are serial numbered to 199 and were inserted in hobby only packs at a rate of 1:13. Additionally the 4 printing press plates for each card were also inserted into packs.

Insert Sets[]

1972 Basketball[]

1983 All-Stars[]

1989 All-Stars Retail[]

A second set that used a design of previous All-Star subset in Topps was released into retail only packs at a very low rate. Half of the set was paralleled by an autographed set that was serial numbered to 10 copies each.

Cut Signatures[]

Dual Fan Favorites[]

Fan Favorites Autographs[]


1973 Mini Autographs[]

Gallery of Heroes[]

Greatest Moments[]

Greatest Moments[]

Heavy Metal Autographs[]

Mini Tall Boys[]


Triple Autographs[]