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2013 Topps Diamondbacks is a team set produced by Topps in 2013. The cards were distributed in complete set form at hobby and retail outlets as well at Chase Field in the souvenir shops. The cards are very similar to the 2013 Topps set.


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Number Player
ARI1 Ian Kennedy
ARI2 Gerardo Parra
ARI3 Wade Miley
ARI4 Trevor Cahill
ARI5 Paul Goldschmidt
ARI6 Miguel Montero
ARI7 Jason Kubel
ARI8 J.J. Putz
ARI9 Martin Prado
ARI10 Patrick Corbin
ARI11 Brandon McCarthy
ARI12 Adam Eaton
ARI13 Aaron Hill
ARI14 Didi Gregorius
ARI15 Cody Ross
ARI16 Tyler Skaggs
ARI17 Chase Field

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