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Famous Four Bagger Relics is a series of insert sets in 2013 Topps Tribute. The set features famous home run hitters. The base level set is serial numbered to 99 copies each and is paralleled by Blue (/50), Orange (/25), Gold (/15), Red (/10) and Purple (1/1).


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Number Player Team
AB Albert Belle Indians
AD Adam Dunn White Sox
AG Adrian Gonzalez Dodgers
AK Al Kaline Tigers
AP Albert Pujols Cardinals
AR Alex Rodriguez Yankees
CF Cecil Fielder Tigers
CFI Carlton Fisk Red Sox
CGO Carlos Gonzalez Rockies
CJ Chipper Jones Braves
DK Dave Kingman Mets
DO David Ortiz Red Sox
EL Evan Longoria Rays
EM Eddie Murray Orioles
GS Giancarlo Stanton Marlins
GSH Gary Sheffield Marlins
JBE Johnny Bench Reds
JH Josh Hamilton Reds
JR Jim Rice Red Sox
MC Miguel Cabrera Tigers
MK Matt Kemp Dodgers
MS Mike Schmidt Yankees
MTR Mark Trumbo Angels
PF Prince Fielder Tigers
PK Paul Konerko White Sox
RB Ryan Braun Brewers
RH Ryan Howard Phillies

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