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Transitions Relics is an insert set in 2013 Topps Tribute. This 26-card set features players who were either traded or were as free agents by a new team during the prime of their careers. Each card features two game used pieces and is serial numbered to 99 copies each.


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Number Player
AB Albert Belle
AD Andre Dawson
AG Adrian Gonzalez
AJ Adam Jones
AR Alex Rodriguez
BS Bruce Sutter
CF Carlton Fisk
CFI Cecil Fielder
CG Carlos Gonzalez
DK Dave Kingman
DO David Ortiz
EM Eddie Murray
FJ Fergie Jenkins
FR Frank Robinson
HK Harmon Killebrew
HR Hanley Ramirez
JB Jose Bautista
JF Jimmie Foxx
JH Josh Hamilton
JR Jose Reyes
KG Ken Griffey Sr.
MC Miguel Cabrera
MH Matt Holliday
MT Mark Teixeira
PF Prince Fielder
PM Paul Molitor
RC Rod Carew
TS Tom Seaver
WB Wade Boggs