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Cutting Edge Stars is an insert set in 2014 Bowman Platinum. The set is partially paralleled by a game used set (serial numbered to 50) and partially paralleled by an autograph set (serial numbered to 25).


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Num Player Team GU AU
CES-AM Andrew McCutchen Pirates 50
CES-BB Byron Buxton Twins 50 25
CES-BH Bryce Harper Nationals 50
CES-BHA Billy Hamilton Reds
CES-BP Buster Posey Giants 50 25
CES-CC Carlos Correa Astros 50 25
CES-DJ Derek Jeter Yankees 50
CES-DO David Ortiz Red Sox 50
CES-HI Hisashi Iwakuma Mariners 50
CES-JA Jose Abreu White Sox 25
CES-JB Javier Baez Cubs 25
CES-JF Jose Fernandez Marlins 25
CES-MC Miguel Cabrera Tigers 50 25
CES-MT Masahiro Tanaka Yankees 50
CES-MTR Mike Trout Angels 25
CES-TW Taijuan Walker Mariners 25
CES-WM Wil Myers Rays 50 25
CES-XB Xander Bogaerts Red Sox 50
CES-YD Yu Darvish Rangers 50
CES-YP Yasiel Puig Dodgers 50

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