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2014 Donruss is a baseball card set produced and distributed by Panini. After a nine year hiatus and three years after Panini purchased Donruss, the flagship Donruss set returned to the hobby. The base set drew inspiration from the 1987 Donruss Baseball and 1978 Topps sets.

Former mainstays in the set, Diamond Kings and Rated Rookies were included in the base set. Insert sets such as The Elite Series, Team MVPs, The Rookies and Recollection Autographs were included as well. The old Stat Line Career and Season parallel sets were also brought back. The set was issued in two series with retail and hobby boxes, as well as a factory set late in the year.


The cards were distributed at both retail and hobby outlets in a variety of different packs. At the end of the year, a factory set of the base set, including the short prints, was available for sale. This created a significant controversy regarding the value and scarcity of the short prints that had been pulled from packs. Instead of increasing the value of the factory sets, it made the prices for the short prints plunge on the secondary market.

Base Set[]

Parallel Sets[]

Of the 359 card base set, 355 of the cards were paralleled in four sets. Cards 201 (both variations), 202, and 203 were skipped for these sets, as these were redemption cards. The cards were all serial numbered (Proof Silver /199, Proof Gold /99, while both Stat Line sets have print runs between 3 and 400) and were all randomly inserted into all packs.

Stat Line Career[]

Stat Line Season[]

Insert Sets[]

Bat Kings[]

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Diamond King Box Toppers[]

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Game Gear[]

Hall Worthy[]

Jersey Kings[]

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