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Box Toppers is an insert set in 2014 Panini Golden Age. Each card measures 5" x 7".Each hobby box contained one box topper pack. The card design is identical (except the size) to the base set except for the size. Interestingly enough the cards are not a parallel set as most of the players and celebrities featured on the cards do not appear in the base set. Card #10 is notable as Rodney Dangerfield has appeared on almost no card related collectibles. 11 of the 12 cards are paralleled in a Memorabilia set.



Number Player Team
1 Jimi Hendrix
2 Ted Williams Red Sox
3 Warren Spahn Braves
4 Willie McCovey Giants
5 George HW Bush
6 Johnny Carson
7 Gene Tunney
8 Joe Medwick Cardinals
9 Duke Snider Dodgers
10 I Get No Respect
11 Jacqueline Kennedy
12 Joe Frazier