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1968 Relics is an insert set in 2014 Topps Archives. This 20-card set features game used relics from a mixture of baseball veterans and young players. None of the cards appear to short printed, nor has Topps announced any short prints in the set. Note that these cards feature the standard Topps "Relic" disclaimer, not indicating game used jersey, bat, seat, toothpick or warmup t-shirt. Two different versions of card AB Adrian Beltre has been seen on the secondary market, one with a jersey swatch and one with a bat chip.


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Number Player Team Game Used
AB Adrian Beltre Rangers Jersey
AB Adrian Beltre Rangers Bat
AC Asdrubal Cabrera Indians Jersey
ACH Ardolis Chapman Reds Jersey
AG Alex Gordon Royals Jersey
BL Brett Lawrie Blue Jays Jersey
CA Chris Archer Rays Jersey
DJ Desmond Jennings Rays Jersey
DM Devin Mesoraco Reds Jersey
JB Jose Baustista Blue Jays Bat
JBR Jay Bruce Reds Jersey
JM Joe Mauer Twins Jersey
MM Mike Minor Braves Jersey
PC Patrick Corbin Diamondbacks Jersey
PG Paul Goldschmidt Diamondbacks Jersey
PS Pablo Sandoval Giants Jersey
SC Starlin Castro Cubs Jersey
SM Starling Marte Pirates Jersey
SP Salvador Perez Royals Jersey
TL Tim Lincecum Giants Bat
WM Wade Miley Diamondbacks Jersey

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