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Before They Were Great is an insert set in 2014 Topps. The cards highlight players early careers, for example Nolan Ryan with the Mets. The set is fully paralleled by a Gold set, serial numbered to 99. Set is also partially paralleled by an Autograph, Relic, and Autograph Relic sets.


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Number Player Team
1 Johnny Bench Reds
2 George Brett Royals
3 Nomar Garciaparra Red Sox
4 Bob Gibson Cardinals
5 Tom Glavine Braves
6 Ken Griffey Jr. Mariners
7 Tony Gwynn Padres
8 Rickey Henderson A's
9 Reggie Jackson A's
10 Randy Johnson Mariners
11 Sandy Koufax Dodgers
12 Greg Maddux Cubs
13 Pedro Martinez Dodgers
14 Don Mattingly Yankees
15 Willie Mays Giants
16 Mike Mussina Orioles
17 Jim Rice Red Sox
18 Cal Ripken Orioles
19 Nolan Ryan Mets
20 Mike Schmidt Phillies
21 Steve Carlton Phillies
22 Ted Williams Red Sox
23 Jimmie Foxx A's
24 Roberto Clemente Pirates
25 Ty Cobb Tigers
26 Joe DiMaggio Yankees
27 Tom Seaver Mets
28 Derek Jeter Yankees
29 Miguel Cabrera Marlins
30 Joe Morgan Colt 45's

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