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Relics is an insert set in 2014 Topps Opening Day. The 10-card set features game used jersey swatches from a selection of major league stars. The checklist includes Derek Jeter as by far the most famous player but several other players are widely collected. Only Desmond Jennings would have been removed from the list both in foresight and hindsight. The cards were inserted at a rate of 1:278 packs and each card number carries an ODR (Opening Day Relic) prefix.



Number Player Team Memorabilia
AG Alex Gordon Royals Jersey
DJ Desmond Jennings Rays Jersey
DJ Derek Jeter Yankees Bat
FF Freddie Freeman Braves Jersey
JB Jose Bautista Blue Jays
JBR Jay Bruce Reds Jersey
KU Koji Uehara Red Sox Jersey
MK Matt Kemp Dodgers Jersey
SM Starling Marte Pirates Jersey

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