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True Colors is an insert set in 2015 Stadium Club. The set is fully paralleled by three sets: Refractor, Gold Refractor, and Electrical Refractor (SN to 25). The set is also partially paralleled by an Autograph set with each card serial numbered to 5.


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Number Player Team Auto
TCA-AG Adrian Gonzalez Dodgers AUTO
TCA-AP Albert Pujols Angels
TCA-BH Bryce Harper Nationals AUTO
TCA-BP Buster Posey Giants AUTO
TCA-CK Clayton Kershaw Dodgers AUTO
TCA-DO David Ortiz Red Sox AUTO
TCA-FV Fernando Valenzuela Dodgers AUTO
TCA-GS Giancarlo Stanton Marlins AUTO
TCA-JA Jose Abreu White Sox AUTO
TCA-JM Joe Mauer Twins AUTO
TCA-JP Joe Panik Giants
TCA-LG Luis Gonzalez Diamondbacks
TCA-MB Madison Bumgarner Giants
TCA-MC Miguel Cabrera Tigers
TCA-MM Mike Mussina Yankees
TCA-MP Mike Piazza Mets AUTO
TCA-MR Mariano Rivera Yankees AUTO
TCA-MT Mike Trout Angels AUTO
TCA-PG Paul Goldschmidt Diamondbacks AUTO
TCA-RB Ryan Braun Brewers AUTO
TCA-RC Roger Clemens Red Sox AUTO
TCA-TS Tom Seaver Mets
TCA-WM Willie Mays Giants
TCA-YD Yu Darvish Rangers
TCA-YP Yasiel Puig Dodgers

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