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Jumbo Relics is an insert set in 2015 Topps Gypsy Queen. There are four varieties of the jumbo relics, base, Gold (SN to 25), Red Patch (/5), and Black Button (/1).



Number Player Team
AM Andrew McCutchen Pirates
AR Anthony Rendon Cardinals
AS Andrelton Simmons Braves
AW Adam Wainwright Cardinals
BH Billy Hamilton Reds
BP Buster Posey Giants
CK Clayton Kershaw Dodgers
CS Chris Sale White Sox
DJ Derek Jeter Yankees
FH Felix Hernandez Mariners
GS Giancarlo Stanton Marlins
HR Hyun-Jin Ryu Dodgers
JB Jose Bautista Blue Jays
MC Miguel Cabrera Tigers
MP Mike Piazza Mets
MS Max Scherzer Nationals
MT Mike Trout Angels
MTA Masahiro Tanaka Yankees
RB Ryan Braun Brewers
RC Roger Clemens Red Sox
RP Rafael Palmeiro Orioles
SS Stephen Strasburg Nationals
VM Victor Martinez Tigers
YC Yoenis Cespedes Mets
YP Yasiel Puig Dodgers

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