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The fifteenth Topps Heritage set is based on the 1966 Topps Baseball set.


Base Set

  • Base Set Checklist and Gallery

Action Variations

Intentional Errors

As homage to the 1966 Topps set, there are 8 cards that were released in set with an intentional error variation.

  • 30 - Brandon Phillips - incorrect number of hits in 2012
  • 36 - Sean Dolittle - No stats for 2014
  • 74 - Jarrod Parker - incorrect birth year
  • 126 - Chris Tillman - Right Hander, not "Left Hander"
  • 192 - Kole Calhoun - incorrect birth year
  • 266 - Lonnie Chisenhall - Spelling error on name on back
  • 365 - Brett Gardner - incorrect birth year
  • 447 - Chris Sale - Jose Quintana pictured on front

Black Border Variations

Throwback Variations

Traded Variations

Parallel Sets

The base set of 2015 Topps Heritage is paralleled by a series of Chrome Partial Parallel sets, a Mini partial parallel set, and a Gum Stain Back full parallel set.



Standard Topps Heritage Insert Sets

in 2015, Topps included most of the basic insert sets from previous Topps Heritage Baseball sets.

Standard Insert Sets

Clubhouse Collection Relics

Real One Autographs

2015 Specific/New Insert Sets

1966 Bazooka

A Legend Begins

A Legend Retires

1966 Punchboards Box Loader

1966 Player Cut Signatures

1966 Celebrity Cut Signatures

1966 Topps Embossed

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