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Highlight of the Year Relics is an insert set in 2015 Topps. Each card is serial numbered to 99 copies. The cards were inserted into Topps Series 1 and Series 2 packs, with nineteen cards in Series 1 and only ten in Series 2. The set includes the last game used card of Josh Beckett.



Number Player Team Year Series
AD Andre Dawson Expos 1985 S2
BR Brooks Robinson Orioles 1964 S1
CH Catfish Hunter A's 1968 S1
CR Cal Ripken, Jr. Orioles 2001 S1
CR Cal Ripken, Jr. Orioles 1995 S2
DJ Derek Jeter Yankees 1996 S1
DM Don Mattingly Yankees 1987 S2
EB Ernie Banks Cubs 1957 S1
FJ Fergie Jenkins Rangers 1980 S1
FV Fernando Valenzuela Dodgers 1981 S1
JB Josh Beckett Marlins 2003 S1
JC Jose Canseco A's 1988 S1
JM Juan Marichal Giants 1965 S1
JP Jim Palmer Orioles 1969 S2
JV Justin Verlander Tigers 2007 S1
MC Miguel Cabrera Tigers 2012 S1
MM Mark McGwire Cardinals 1998 S1
MM Mark McGwire A's 1989 S2
MS Mike Schmidt Phillies 1976 S1
NG Nomar Garciaparra Red Sox 1999 S1
NR Nolan Ryan Rangers 1991 S2
NRC Nolan Ryan Angels 1973 S1
NRH Nolan Ryan Astros 1983 S1
OS Ozzie Smith Cardinals 1994 S2
RC Roger Clemens Red Sox 1986 S2
RH Rickey Henderson A's 1982 S2
SM Stan Musial Cardinals 1943 S1
TS Tom Seaver Reds 1978 S2
WM Willie McCovey Padres 1975 S1

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