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2015 Topps Red Sox is a team set produced by Topps in 2015. The cards were distributed in complete set form at hobby and retail outlets as well at Fenway Park in the souvenir shops. The cards are very similar to the 2015 Topps set. Each card carries an BRS prefix.


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Number Player
1 Pablo Sandoval
2 David Ortiz
3 Christian Vazquez
4 Mike Napoli
5 Dustin Pedroia
6 Xander Bogaerts
7 Hanley Ramirez
8 Rusney Castillo
9 Mookie Betts
10 Wade Miley
11 Rick Porcello
12 Clay Buchholz
13 Joe Kelly
14 Justin Masterson
15 Koji Uehara
16 Junichi Tazawa
17 Matt Barnes

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