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Fans of The Simpsons® television show and baseball fans remember the classic 1992 episode of the show entitled “Homer at the Bat.” In this episode, Mr. Burns enlists 9 professional baseball players as ringers for the nuclear plant’s softball team. Wikipedia has a great article on the episode at

The free-to-play online baseball game Baseball BossTM ( has issued a special virtual baseball card collector set this April Fool’s Day inspired by that classic episode. Registered Baseball Boss players can challenge a team called the “Springfield Nukes” throughout the month of April. Each time Baseball Boss players defeat the Nukes in a series, they’ll win one of the special cards from the mini-set for their own online card collections. At the end of April, Baseball Boss players who’ve collected all 14 cards (9 professional players plus 5 cards of the game developers) will earn a free pack of 2008 Spire cards from Baseball Boss. Plus players will get to keep the spoof cards they’ve earned for their Baseball Boss card collection.

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