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Bowman Heritage was a series of baseball card sets manufactured by Topps from 2001 until 2007. The set was typically released later in the year than the regular Bowman set but before the Bowman Draft set. Thus the player selection was typically a mix between the two with more of a focus on veteran players and retired players than prospects and rookies. The cards copy the designs of the old Bowman Gum Company created sets from 1948 until 1955. The Heritage sets also paid homage to the old sets with special short printed cards, reprints of the original cards and printing variations.

In 2019 Topps released a new Bowman Heritage set in December, it was announced only a week before its release as a only product.

2001 Bowman Heritage

The first of the Bowman Heritage sets. The set was modeled after the 1948 Bowman set.

2002 Bowman Heritage

After the success of the previous year, Bowman Heritage was released again, but now added additional autographed and game used insert cards of modern players. The set was modeled after the 1954 Bowman set.

2003 Bowman Heritage

This set is the only Bowman Heritage set to not feature any shortprints. It is based on the 1956 Bowman test set.

2004 Bowman Heritage

This set is based on the 1955 Bowman set and as such features umpires and umpire autographs.

2005 Bowman Heritage

The 2005 set is modeled after the 1951 set. It was the last Bowman Heritage set prior to the new MLPA rules.

2006 Bowman Heritage

The 2006 Bowman Heritage set is based on the 1949 Bowman Set. The set had a few confusing parallel cards and some very poor quality printing with lots of running ink on the Black parallels.

2007 Bowman Heritage

The last Bowman Heritage set was modeled after the 1952 Bowman set.

2019 Bowman Heritage