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Donruss otherwise known as Donruss Leaf Playoff or DLP is a baseball card company. For the series of baseball card sets see Donruss Baseball.

Donruss first started producing cards in 1981 when the Topps monopoly was broken. The company went bankrupt in 1998 but was restarted in 2001. In 2006, DLP was not awarded a license was Major League Baseball Properties, the firm that licenses the use of the team names and logos. Thus it could not longer produce official MLB sets. In 2007, Donruss returned with an Elite Extra Edition set, focused on prospects and draft picks with an NCAA license. They would produce sets for the next several years using MLB players, prospects, and retired stars all without using MLB logos or team names, primarily by airbrushing images. by 2011 Donruss had again fallen on rocky financial times. Panini purchased Donruss and Score/Pinnacle brands, while the Leaf brand was purchased by Brian Gray, owner of Razor Entertainment which was subsequently rebranded as Leaf Trading Cards.

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