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The Rookies is a series of sets from Donruss. This set began as an update set similar to Topps Traded but focusing entirely on rookies rather than veteran who had changed teams during the year. The first set was released following the 1986 season. At first the set was available only through hobby dealers as a factory set but later changed formats to be in packs instead as part of Donruss Leaf Playoff Rookie Update.

The sets typically had the same design as the base set from the same year, but with a different color motif. For example the 1991 Donruss set had blue and green frames, but the Rookies set from that year used red and orange.

When Panini reintroduced the Donruss set in 2014, one of the insert sets was based on The Rookies concept complete with logo and retro frame background. Panini would continue that trend in 2015 and beyond including the Optic sets.


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