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Fleer Tradition was an annual set manufactured and distributed by Fleer and later Upper Deck. Initially the theme of the set was to replace the flagship Fleer set and distinguish it from the other sets being produced at the time. Beginning in 2000, the set began to be styled as a Retro set, harking back to the old Fleer sets of the 1960's (and a couple homages to the classic Topps sets), and printed on a cardboard stock with minimal gloss. Five of the first six years, an Update set was released later in the year to capture new rookies and trades with a similar design to the base set from that year.

Main Sets[]

1998 Fleer Tradition[]

The first year of Fleer Tradition, replacing the old flagship set, had some vintage themed insert sets and an autographed insert set. The base set consisted of 600 cards, including short printed Golden Memories, Tales of the Tape and Unforgettable Moments subsets. The set was released in 2 series.

One of the more interesting ideas in the set were redemption cards, titled Fleer Flashback Exchange, that could be redeemed for a framed uncut press sheet from a Fleer baseball card set from 1981-1993.

The set includes rookie cards of Magglio Ordonez, Kevin Millwood, and Mike Lowell.

1999 Fleer Tradition[]

2000 Fleer Tradition[]

2001 Fleer Tradition[]

Rather than releasing an Update set, cards for rookies (including Albert Pujols) were included in the factory set.

2002 Fleer Tradition[]

2003 Fleer Tradition[]

2004 Fleer Tradition[]

2005 Fleer Tradition[]

2006 Fleer Tradition[]

The final Fleer Tradition set was designed by Fleer, but distributed by Upper Deck after they purchased the bankrupt company.

Update Sets[]

1998 Fleer Tradition Update[]

1999 Fleer Tradition Update[]

2000 Fleer Tradition Update[]

2002 Fleer Tradition Update[]

2003 Fleer Tradition Update[]

Insert Sets[]

Several insert sets were included in multiple Fleer Tradition Releases

  • Diamond Tributes
  • Lumber Company
  • This Day in History