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Pacific is a former baseball ,football and NH L Hockey card manufacturer. In 1980 Pacific first started making small sets of former major league baseball players with their Legends sets and then focused on a license with Nolan Ryan for several years. In 1994, Pacific made its first major release and continued to make cards until 2004

Pacific was known for its use of high value insert sets, die cut cards, foil and bright and vibrant colors. They were more known for innovation and cutting edge designs always coming up with a new idea. Pacific was also one of the first card manufacturers to focus on the Latino minority in the United States with multiple releases in Spanish. Pacific was also the maker of the Ken Griffey Jr Candy Bar.

In early 2001 as soon as 2001 Private Stock was released Cardcop aka James McCay started asking Pacific Executives for the copies of the LOA that comes with all real game-used full jerseys. Every Pacific Executive & Legal employee refused with several lame excuses. One excuse was mentioned more than once "How do we know you won't use the copied LOA for illicit purposes.". So Cardcop told them to shrink to LOA in Windows Paint to a pixel size only Pacific knew, and to put Pacific watermarks all over the LOA. This would have completely solved all of their concerns, yet they still refused to send him a copy. So he turned over his tape recorded evidence to the MLBPA and in less than a month Pacific admitted to using brand new store bought (Sports Authority) jerseys and bats that no players ever even saw. Hence all their baseball licensing was pulled forever which bankrupted Pacific by 2004. Cardcop never did get to speak to Mike Cramer even though this is the only person he wanted to speak to regarding this, but no one at Pacific would let him speak to Mr. Cramer!

Playoff purchased the rights to Pacific trading cards brands in 2004 after Panini purchased Donruss, they now hold the rights to Pacific's baseball card designs and brands.

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