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This a list with brief descriptions of Topps trading card products for 1990. All sets listed are standard size (2½ × 3½ inches) unless noted.


Base Set[]

The 1990 Topps set totals 792 cards and was issued in wax, rack, jumbo packs, vending boxes or factory sets. Subsets include Nolan Ryan Salute, Record Breakers, Turn Back The Clock, All-Stars, First Draft Picks, Checklists, and Manager cards. Size: 2.5 × 3.5 in.

Traded Set[]

The Traded set totals 132 cards and was issued in wax packs or as a factory set. The cards are identical in appearance to the base set with two exceptions. The traded set uses a different color palette for the gradient design than is found in the base set and the factory set cards were printed in Ireland on white cardstock while the Pennsylvania printed cards from the wax packs were printed on a gray backed cardstock. This set featured traded players and managers, and rookie cards. Size: 2.5 × 3.5 in.

Glossy Send-Ins[]

This set totals 60 cards and was available by mailing in the special offer cards found in 1990 Topps wax packs. The fronts have a glossy player photo while the backs say All-Star Set Collector's Edition and include the player's name, team, and position. Size: 2.5 × 3.5 in.

Glossy All-Stars[]

This set totals 22 cards and was available as an insert in 1990 Topps rack packs. The back says All-Star Game Commemorative Set and includes the player's name, position and league. There are 11 cards each for the American and National League All-Star teams. Size: 2.5 × 3.5 in.

Mini Leaders[]

The Mini set includes 88 cards and was available in wax packs. The cards vaguely resemble the base set and features players that led various statistical categories. Size: 2-1/8 × 3 in.

Glossy Rookies[]

This set totals 33 cards and was available as an insert in 1990 Topps jumbo packs. The backs say Rookies Commemorative Set and includes the player's name, position and team. The cards slightly resemble the Glossy All-Star set. Size: 2.5 × 3.5 in.

Batting Leaders[]

This 22 card set was issued as an insert in K-Mart blister packs and featured the top active career batting leaders. Size: 2.5 × 3.5 in.

Topps Big[]

This set totals 330 cards issued in three series of 110 cards and was available in wax packs. Comic style career highlights are featured on the back. Size: 2-5/8 x 3-3/4 in.

Wax Box Cards[]

The "Box Bottom" cards were featured 4 to a box on the bottom of the wax pack boxes of 1990 Topps of which there were 4 different boxes for a total of 16 cards. They resemble the base cards except for having a career milestone on the back instead of full statistics. The set is lettered A-P rather than numbered. Size: 2.5 × 3.5 in. when individually cut out.

Topps Debut '89[]

This Major League Debut set has 152 total cards and was issued as a factory set. The cards chronicle a player's first appearance and are otherwise similar in appearance to the regular issue. Size: 2.5 × 3.5 in.

Other sets[]

Traded Hank Aaron Bronze Metal replica of his 1954 Topps card available to dealers who purchased a Topps Traded case. Size: 1¼ × 1¾ inches.

Gallery of Champions (12) This set is metal ingot replicas of regular issue cards in 1/4 scale of twelve players who won major awards done in three variations: aluminum, bronze and sterling silver. The Nolan Ryan card has a fourth variation in pewter given to dealers who bought sets. The sets were issued as complete sets. Size: 1¼ × 1¾ inches.

Glossy Rookies Foil (33) This test issue features 2¼" × 1/4" metallic strip with a Topps logo punched out of the center using the glossy rookies set. The horizontal strips are placed on different levels of the card and are also found in several different colors including silver, gold, red, green, purple and blue. The metallic foil highlights would later be used on 1991 Stadium Club and Desert Shield cards. Size: 2½ × 3½ inches.

Stickers/Stickercards (328/67) The stickers feature either one full player photo or two half size individual photos with a shadowbox effect in the borders with red for AL players and blue for NL. The only information on the sticker is the number while the player info was found in the album where the sticker was to be placed. The back is another player card. The stickercards had 66 players and one checklist. The cards say 'Super Star' along the top and continued down the right side. The player's name and position at the top. The photo is set against a solid color background. The player's info and stats are in a box at the bottom. Size: 2⅛ × 3 inches (sticker cards)/1½ × 2⅛ (half stickers).

Coins (60) The fronts have a full-color photo with the player's name and team in a symbolic infield. Edges are rolled in aluminum. Backs are show some personal and statistical info of the previous season. The coins were in 3-packs or as a factory set. Size: 1½" diameter.

Award Winners Commemorative Sheet (6) There are six players who won awards in 1989 that are included on this set. The sheet was issued with blister packed sets of Topps stickers. The cards look like the regular issue but use different player photos and are blank backed. The player's award is noted in a panel under his name. Size: 8¾ × 8⅛ inches.

Double Headers (72) This set features two-sided mini reproductions of a player's rookie card and his 1990 Topps card. The thin paper cards are encased in clear plastic stands. Size: 1⅝ × 2¼ inches.

Heads Up! (24) This set featured a head and cap photo of a player die-cut and printed on heavy cardboard. The backs had an adhesive and a plastic suction cup for mounting the card along with the player's name and team. Size: 5 × 6 inches.

George Bush Topps produced 100 cards of George Bush in his Yale University baseball uniform on a 1990 Topps style card. Size: 2½ × 3½ inches.

Experimental Mylar Stickers (6) Using cards from the 1990 Traded set, Topps produced stickers that used refractive printing with stars in the background. The stickers are printed on metallic foil and have blank backs. Size: 2½ × 3½ inches.

Golden Spikes Award Topps produced 600 cards of Alex Fernandez, winner of the Golden Spikes Award as the outstanding amateur baseball player of the year. The cards were distributed at the US baseball federation awards luncheon in New York on November 14, 1990. Size: 2½ × 3½ inches.

1990-93 Topps Magazine (112) Topps included 6 to 8 cards on a perforated panel per quarterly issue of Topps Magazine.The cards have a 'TM' prefix a feature mostly original designs as well as some designs from previous years. Size: 2½ × 3½ inches.

Nolan Ryan Bronze This card is a full size reproduction of Nolan Ryan's 1990 Topps cards and was available dealers who ordered 1991 Tiffany sets. There were 2500 produced. Size: 2½ × 3½ inches.

TV Team Sets (66 per team) Available as boxed sets via limited television offers team sets were produced of the Cardinals, Cubs, Mets, Red Sox and Yankees numbering 66 cards each. The players included are from the opening day roster and top prospect from the organization along with the manager and selected coaches. The fronts are high gloss and the backs are red bordered and have a ghost image of the photo on the front as a background to the biographical and statistical data. Size: 2½ × 3½ inches.

1991 Pre-production Sample Sheet (9) Topps distributed an uncut sheet as a preview of its 40th anniversary set. The nine player card are identical to the issued version while the backs are blue and have a large anniversary logo and say 1991 Pre-Production Sample. Size: 7½ × 10½ inches.


  • The 1990 Bowman set has 528 cards and was issued in wax packs and factory sets. Size: 2.5 × 3.5 in.
  • The 1990 Bowman Art Inserts are 11 cards found in the Bowman wax packs featuring drawings of 11 superstars. Size: 2.5 × 3.5 in.
  • Bowman Lithographs are larger versions of the art inserts and were available as the prizes for the sweepstakes on the insert cards. Size: 11 × 14 in.

Parallel Sets[]

In 1990 Topps issued Tiffany sets of the Base set and the Traded set in limited quantities only available as Factory sets. A Tiffany set was also available of the 1990 Bowman set.

Licensed sets[]

For the O-Pee-Chee sets that resembled the Topps issue see 1990 O-Pee-Chee.

Retail/Food Issues[]

These are sets issued by other companies in conjunction with Topps.

  • Ames All-Stars 33 card box set. Size: 2.5 × 3.5 in.
  • Bazooka Shining Stars 22 cards issued in boxes of gum. Size: 2.5 × 3.5 in.
  • Hills Hit Men 33 card box set. Size: 2.5 × 3.5 in.
  • K-Mart Superstars 33 card box set. Size: 2.5 × 3.5 in.
  • Kay-Bee 33 card box set called Kings of Baseball. Size: 2.5 × 3.5 in.
  • Topps TV All-Stars 66 card factory set available through television offer. Size: 2.5 × 3.5 in.
  • Toys R Us Rookies 33 card box set. Size: 2.5 × 3.5 in.
  • Woolworth's Baseball Highlights 33 card box set. Size: 2.5 × 3.5 in.

Football (American)[]

Base set[]

This year's football set was increased to 528 cards and was issued in wax packs and factory sets. Subsets include Record Breakers, Super Bowl, League leaders, checklists, and Team Action cards. Size: 2.5 × 3.5 in.

Box Bottoms[]

The box card set has 16 cards that were found on the bottom of regular issue wax pack boxes as a four card panel. The cards feature two players per card of the offensive and defensive players of the week for each week of the 1989 season. The cards are lettered A-P. Size: 2.5 × 3.5 in. (individually)

1000 Yard Club[]

This set totals 30 glossy cards and was issued as inserts in the football wax packs. The 'members of the club' are players who gained 1000 yards or more during the season by rushing or receiving. The back of the cards list the total yardage gained by the player in each game of the season. Size: 2.5 × 3.5 in.

Traded set[]

The traded set contains 132 cards and was issued as a factory set. The players featured in this set are rookies or traded players on their new team. The cards are similar to the regular issue except for the white card stock and the T suffix in the numbering. Size: 2.5 × 3.5 in.

Parallel sets[]

1990 Topps Tiffany 528 cards glossy version of base set on white card stock issued as a factory set.

Ice hockey[]

Base Set[]

The 1990-91 Topps hockey set totals 396 cards and was issued in wax packs and factory sets. Below the player photo is the player's name and position. The team name is at the top above a superimposed hockey stick. The backs feature career and playoff stats and game winning goals from the previous season. Subsets include Team Cards and Wayne Gretzky Tribute. Size: 2.5 × 3.5 in.

Box Bottoms[]

This 16-card set appeared as four different 4-card panels on the bottom of wax pack boxes. The cards are the same design as the base set while the backs have blue ink on a pale green background and give special statistics. The cards are lettered A-P. Size: 2.5 × 3.5 inches individually.

Team Scoring Leaders[]

This is a 21-card insert set found one per wax pack. The fronts have a glossy photo while backs list the ten leading scorers for each team. Size: 2.5 × 3.5 in.


The 1990-91 Bowman hockey set contains 264 cards and was issued in wax packs or factory sets. The fronts have color photos with multi-colored borders in green, yellow, and red. The team name and player's name appear under the picture. The backs are tinted blue with black lettering on gray card stock, and offer biographical info and career stats. The set is arranged alphabetically by team. Size: 2.5 × 3.5 in.

Bowman Hat Tricks[]

This is a 22-card insert set found one per Bowman wax pack. The set features 14 players who had two hat tricks during the previous season and eight players who had hat tricks during the playoffs. Size: 2.5 × 3.5 in.

1991-92 Preview Sheet[]

This uncut sheet issued to dealers features nine cards of the upcoming season. Five of the cards are Topps and the other four are Bowman. The cards look just like the regular issues of that year except for the back where it indicates in blue lettering 'Pre-Production Sample'. Size: 7.5 × 10.5 in.

Parallel Sets[]

Topps produced 3000 'Tiffany' sets each of the Topps and Bowman base sets. The cards are distinguishable from the regular issues by their glossy coating.

Football (Soccer)[]

World Cup Supersquad

Topps produced two World Cup soccer sets totaling 18 cards each. One set featured players of the English team while the other set was the Scottish team. The unique quality of these sets are the fact the each card is a portrait of the player and therefore each bears the shape of the player's head. The portraits have a small suction cup at the top for mounting. Size: 3 × 6 in. (approximate)


Dick Tracy (99) Deluxe Collector's Edition (121) Size: 2.5 × 3.5 inches

Gremlins 2 (99) Collectors Edition (121) Size: 2.5 × 3.5 inches

New Kids on the Block (198) Size: 2.5 × 3.5 inches

New Kids on the Block Bubble Gum Cassettes (24) Size: 1-3/4 x 2-3/4 inches

Robocop 2 (99) Collector's Edition (121) Size: 2.5 × 3.5 inches

Spitting Image (66) Size: 2.5 × 3.5 inches

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 (99) Size: 2.5 × 3.5 inches

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie (143) Collectors Edition (132) Size: 2.5 × 3.5 inches

The Simpsons (110) Size: 2.5 × 3.5 inches


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