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The Upper Deck Company, LLC (known as Upper Deck) is a California based sports card and memorabilia that sells collectibles world wide in a variety of sports.

Company History

Upper Deck received its first license to produce sports cards on December 23, 1988 for Major League Baseball. They produced their first Baseball Card set was 1989 Upper Deck baseball card set that was released on February 28, 1989.

In 1990, Upper Deck received their Hockey, Football and Basketball licenses, becoming the first company in ten years to be licensed by all four major American sports.

In 1996, the company added racing to its line of sports when it absorbed Maxx.

They would also add Golf and Tennis to their lineup in the next decade.

In 2005, Upper Deck won the auction for Fleer Skybox International's brand name, assets and business model. Starting in 2006 all Fleer releases were produced by Upper Deck.

In 2009, Upper Deck lost its major league license but produced seveal sets in 2010 anyways. They ended up being sued by Major League Baseball and had to stop all distribution for several years.


  • The 1990 set included the first autogpraphed and first serial numbered cards ever created.
  • The 1996 Upper Deck Basketball set would be the first to include a Game Used Card.

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