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A list of Upper Deck Baseball Card sets in 2010.


In 2010, Upper Deck's relationship with MLBP (Major League Baseball Properties) finally hit rock bottom. In a filed lawsuit, MLBP claimed that Upper Deck continued to use MLB team names and logos in their products even though they had lost their rights to do so in 2009. Upper Deck still had the right to use players' names and likenesses due to their agreement with the MLBPA (the players' union).

Donruss had released baseball card sets not licensed with the MLBP since 2007. They airbrushed team logos and names from the pictures used on the cards and referred to the city the teams resided. Upper Deck was more brash, they used photography that partially obscured the team logos from the caps, but did little to hide the team names on the jerseys. In some cards, the team logos were fully visible.

The lawsuit was eventually settled out of court with Upper Deck agreeing to pay over $3 MM in damages and a full stop on distributing baseball card sets in 2010. Upper Deck did not release Goudy, SP Authentic, or SPx although all three sets had already been produced. In 2011, another lawsuit would be filed clamining that Upper Deck had not fully complied with the terms of the settlement, having been late on payments to MLBP.

Thus only one Upper Deck set was fully released. The Exquisite set was planned as inserts across all 2010 Upper Deck Products.

Sets Released[]